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Can protein powder be packaged in cylindrical paper cans?

Publish Time: 2024-01-22 Views: 2

There are more and more products packaged in cylindrical paper canisters on the market, covering a wide range of industries.

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So, can protein powder be packaged in cylindrical paper canisters?

Protein powder is a powdered food that is afraid of moisture during storage, so it has strict requirements for the sealing of the packaging. For traditional paper packaging, its sealing has always been a concern. As a kind of paper packaging,cylindrical paper cans have changed consumers' views on paper packaging.

Powdered foods such as protein powder can be packaged in paper canisters. Due to the sealing requirements for packaging, when choosing paper canister packaging, you must choose paper can packaging with excellent sealing properties, such as composite paper can packaging.

Because composite paper canisters have good sealing properties and can be waterproof and moisture-proof, they are favored by the market. Composite paper canister packaging meets the packaging sealing needs of most foods and has won a good market reputation in the food packaging industry.