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Features and advantages of round paper tube packaging boxes

Publish Time: 2024-01-19 Views: 5

Paper packaging occupies a large market share in the packaging field of various industries. For traditional paper packaging, square or rectangular paper packaging boxes are mainly used. With the development of the packaging industry, round paper boxes are favored by the market.

 round paper tube packaging boxes

Let’s introduce the round paper box packaging.

Compared with traditional packaging boxes, round paper tube packaging boxes have a cylindrical three-dimensional structure, which is obviously different in appearance. Nowadays, various industries are pursuing differentiated marketing, and the differentiation of packaging forms is a good start for differentiated marketing in the market.

Round paper tube packaging boxes are not only structurally differentiated, but also have some differences in their functional attributes based on different production processes. Compared with carton packaging, circular paper tube packaging can achieve excellent sealing properties and is waterproof and moisture-proof, thus meeting the packaging sealing needs of different industries.

Nowadays,circular paper tube packaging is used in food, daily chemical products, gifts, electronic products, clothing and jewelry and other industries. Among them, it is more commonly used in the field of food packaging and has been widely favored by the market.

Under the global development trend of using paper instead of plastic, the paper packaging industry will usher in better development prospects. With the ever-changing market demand, differentiated round paper tube packaging boxes will also gain more recognition from the market.