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Flat-bottomed paper tubes will become a new packaging option

Publish Time: 2024-01-18 Views: 3

With the development of the packaging industry, there are more and more types of paper can packaging, meeting the market's differentiated needs for packaging. As a type of paper tube packaging,flat-bottomed paper tubes have become popular in the field of foreign packaging in recent years, especially in the cosmetics and gift industries. They are favored by many international brands and are widely used in perfumes, aromatherapy, skin care products, watches, jewelry and other gifts. Package.

flat-bottomed paper tubes

Flat-bottom paper tube packaging is different from traditional curled paper tubes.

It has a more exquisite appearance and looks classy. For this reason, it is also favored by the international market.

In the context of increasingly fierce market competition and diversified demands, many companies are racking their brains to improve their product market competitiveness, and innovative and differentiated packaging forms are an important part of brand marketing and are the key to brand value and vitality. One of the manifestations, this is also an important reason why more and more companies pay more and more attention to brand packaging innovation capabilities.