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What material is carton packaging made of?

Publish Time: 2023-02-11 Views: 32

Paper can packaging is currently widely used in many industries such as food, cosmetics, gifts, and electronic products. What material is the paper can packaging made of?


Paper tube packaging is a cylindrical packaging with paper as the main raw material. The can body can be matched with aluminum foil, and the upper cover is made of aluminum foil, tinplate, etc. Since the paper tube packaging uses paper as the raw material, the material is natural, green and safe, and can be completely degraded in the natural environment. Therefore, the paper tube is a green and environmentally friendly packaging form, which is very suitable for food packaging.

In addition, paper tube packaging can also enhance the value of the product itself. Compared with other packaging, paper tube packaging has a complex structure and diverse shapes. It can be combined with hot stamping, hollowing, concave-convex, UV and other printing processes to achieve exquisite packaging effects, which can create visual impact for consumers and attract customers' attention, thereby increasing product quality. Added value to enhance consumers' desire to buy. From this point of view, paper tube packaging is more suitable for some luxury packaging such as cosmetics and gifts.

It can be seen that paper tube packaging materials are not only safe and environmentally friendly, but also can achieve exquisite packaging effects, suitable for packaging of various products. It can be said that paper tube packaging has a good market application prospect, and the future of paper can packaging can be expected.