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Which industries are suitable for cylindrical paper tube packaging?

Publish Time: 2024-01-19 Views: 4

Nowadays,cylindrical paper tube packaging is relatively common on the market. As the market demand for paper packaging continues to increase, cylindrical paper tube packaging has received more attention. With the continuous escalation of plastic restriction orders, round paper box packaging is widely favored. So, which industries are suitable for cylindrical paper tube packaging?

cylindrical paper tube

The cylindrical paper tube is a packaging container with paper as the main raw material.

The production process of paper can packaging is complex, the structure also presents diversified characteristics, the functional attributes are more comprehensive, and the scope of application is also relatively wide, meeting the customized needs of paper packaging for different industries and different products.

At present, cylindrical paper can packaging is used in many fields such as food, gifts, daily chemicals, electronic products, clothing jewelry, children's toys, etc., among which it is more commonly used in the field of food packaging. The diversity of paper can packaging process structures achieves better fit with different product types and meets differentiated marketing in the product market.