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Why are candy packaging increasingly favoring cylindrical paper can packaging?

Publish Time: 2024-01-20 Views: 2

In recent years, the market share of cylindrical paper can packaging has continued to increase, and the scope of industries involved has also continued to expand. At present,cylindrical paper can packaging is widely used in the food industry and is favored by the candy industry.

candy packaging

So, why is the candy industry increasingly favoring cylindrical paper can packaging?

For traditional candy packaging, bags are mainly used. With the ever-changing market demand, candy packaging is also constantly innovating, changing from bags to cans. Under the global development trend of using paper instead of plastic, paper cans have attracted more attention from the market with their green and environmentally friendly characteristics. Cylindrical paper can packaging is in line with the global development trend of green and environmentally friendly packaging.

Speaking of candies, children must love them. The complex structure of the cylindrical paper can can realize some personalized and differentiated packaging forms, improve the fun of packaging, satisfy the curiosity of children, and effectively improve the marketing effect.

In addition, candy has strict requirements for the sealing of packaging. Paper cans can well meet the sealing requirements of candy packaging, and are waterproof and moisture-proof, thereby better preserving candy.