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Paper tube packaging has been widely used in beauty & cosmetics, food, electronics,gifts, and many other fields. Browse what we produce and get innovated now!

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Beauty & Cosmetics

Custom made paper tubes as primary packaging for lip balm, deodorant,or lipstick, as well as secondary packaging for makeup products and kits.

Food & Beverage

Food-grade paper tubes are always a nice choice to pack food like chips, tea, cookies, or nutritional supplements. They also provide excellent protection for wine bottles during transportation.

Toys & Games

Recyclable paper tubes are a perfect solution to pack kid's toys, drawing & painting supplies, as well as gaming gear.

Gift & Craft

Paper tubes provide an amazing solution to pack gifts & crafts. The cylinder shape, supplemented by carefully designed and made decorations, perfectly convey the meaning of the gift.

Personal Care & Fitness Supplies

Customized paper tubes are a perfect packaging option for products of tooth, hair, or body care, as well as sports and fitness supplies. They're safe for storage and portable to carry.


Bespoke paper tubes are one of the best packaging solutions for electronic products, such as WIFI devices, wireless speakers, smart watches, earphones, USB cables, etc.


Tailor-made paper tubes are always ideal for mailing wedding invitations, blueprints, diplomas, and other items that are expensive or hard to ship.

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